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Abstract Driver Records (ADR) requests

Things to know:

  • We do not approve all requests. We consider all requests for data based on the following criteria:
    • Whether your organization can legally receive the data.
    • Your organization’s ability to safeguard Protected Personal Information (PPI).
    • If we have the resources to provide the data.
    We will send notice of our decision and, if approved, the next steps. We strive to provide data on the timing requested. We cannot guarantee when we will deliver the file.
  • Washington RCW 46.52.130 governs who can receive ADRs.


  • We require a contract when you request PPI and data on a recurring basis.
  • A contract is not required if you are requesting a one–time data file that does not include PPI.
  • Before submitting the Data Records Contract Application, review the Contract Terms and Conditions.
  • We may require your organization to go through regular audits. This is to ensure you follow contract requirements.


  • We require an evaluation of your organization’s data security program. We must do the evaluation before providing PPI to ensure you meet our standards.
  • After receiving PPI, your organization may be subject to audits. Audit costs will be the responsibility of your organization.
  • See Data sharing contract compliance for a full list of those requirements.

Service Details

Commercial data brokers

Commercial data brokers may access ADRs and monitoring services directly from us. Complete and submit the Data Records Contract Application. There are 2 services available:

  • ADR Web Service
    • Used when requesting large quantities of ADRs without monitoring
  • Monitoring program
    • Used when insurance companies monitor policyholder driving records
    • Used when employers monitor employee driving records
    • We provide a new ADR when the monitoring system notes a change in a driving record. This includes:
      • New violations.
      • Accidents.
      • When we add actions to the ADR during the month.

Non-commercial data brokers

In most cases, your organization can use one of the following contractors to access the ADRs.

  • Data Link
  • Embark Safety
  • LexisNexis (insurance carriers only)
  • Explore Information Services
  • HireRight
  • Insurance Information Exchange (IIX)
  • Safety Holdings/Samba Safety
  • Tessera Data

Manually requesting ADRs

If your organization does not use one of the contractors above, you may:

Depending on business type, your organization can receive:

  • 3-year insurance ADRs.
    • For insurance carriers, and for employers to provide to insurance carriers.
  • Employment or Prospective employment ADRs.
    • When the employer requires driving for the position.
    • For heavy equipment operators.
  • Transit authority ADRs.
    • For volunteer vanpool drivers.
  • Volunteer organization ADRs.
    • When the volunteer organization requires driving for the position.
  • Transportation network copies.
    • For contracted drivers.


  • One–time file setup fee:
    • $767.84 for data file creation for both ADR and monitoring.
  • ADR fee:
    • Through September 30, 2022: $13.00 for each ADR
    • Beginning October 1, 2022: $15.00 for each ADR
    • Beginning July 1, 2029: $17.00 for each ADR
  • Monitoring fee:
    • $0.06 per record or as adjusted
    • Fees reimburse us for the cost of providing the data to your organization.

Related information

Questions? Need help?

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  • Send us mail:

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