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To conduct business more effectively, we occasionally enter into agreements with other:

  • Government agencies
  • Organizations
  • Entities

Types agreements with us

  • Data Licensing Agreement (DLA) allows DOL to access data information from other entities
  • Data Sharing Agreement (DSA) allows DOL to share data information with other entities
    • DSA for DAPS & IHPS is an agreement with entities requiring both DAPS and IHPS data
    • DSA for Driver and Plate Search (DAPS) provides access for entities to perform search queries on DOL's driver identity and vehicle ownership data
    • DSA for Internet Hosting Publishing Service (IHPS) provides access for entities requiring DOL's Abstract Driver Record (ADR) data
  • Fuel Tax Agreement (FTA) allows DOL to collect and distribute funds for Department of Transportation projects
  • Interagency Agreement (IAA) is an agreement with government agencies, entities or departments that defines cooperative work or services to be completed. Also called Interlocal Agreement (ILA).
    • ILA- Transportation Benefit District is an agreement with city or county governments that allows them to impose additional vehicle registration fees to fund local transportation projects
  • Information Technology Service Agreement (ITVSVC) allows the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) to provide services on behalf of DOL
  • Special License Plate (SLP) is an agreement with a non-profit organization, professional sports franchise, or a government agency that has been approved through the Washington State Legislature to have their unique license plate.

Current agreements

To view a list of our current agreements with public entities, see: Department of Licensing Agreements with Public Entities

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