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Diversity and inclusion in our workplace

"We value the unique traits and attributes that each employee brings to the job. Through the diverse perspectives of an inclusive workforce, we will create a more respectful, productive, and unified team to better serve the public of Washington."

We proudly consider ourselves leaders in workforce diversity and inclusion. We embrace the strength of a diverse workforce of differing abilities and cultures. We encourage feedback and continuous improvements in all our initiatives. DOL has established 2 major employee groups focused on celebrating differences, eliminating both physical and non-physical barriers, and promoting employee engagement. They are:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Group (DIG)
  • Veterans Employee Resource Group (VERG)

Our profile in comparison to private industry, as well as other state agency workforces combined:

Comparison in diversity
  • Veterans: 9.4%
  • Vietnam era vets: 2.9%
  • People with disabilities: 5.1%
  • People of color: 26.9%
  • Veterans with disabilities: 1.9%
Available workforce
  • Veterans: 9.1%
  • Vietnam era vets: 3.0%
  • People with disabilities: 6.1%
  • People of color: 21.3%
  • Veterans with disabilities: 0.8%
WA State agencies
  • Veterans: 9.8%
  • Vietnam era vets: 2.5%
  • People with disabilities: 3.5%
  • People of color: 19.6%
  • Veterans with disabilities: 1.3%

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