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Driver reports

Driver Licenses and ID Cards Transferred to Washington

This interactive data (data.wa.gov) shows new Washington State driver licenses and identification cards (ID) where customers had licenses or IDs from other states or countries. We organized the data by counties where the customers live. The data shows where the previous driver licenses or ID cards were from.

This data is also summarized in monthly and yearly reports below, which includes the data above and:

  • The number of drivers by the top 5 in-migration states.
  • The year-over-year change by state for the month.
2023 monthly driver reports and supporting data
Report Data
March 2023 report March 2023 data
February 2023 report February 2023 data
January 2023 report January 2023 data
2022 monthly driver reports and supporting data
Report Data
December 2022 report December 2022 data
November 2022 report November 2022 data
October 2022 report October 2022 data
September 2022 report September 2022 data
August 2022 report August 2022 data
July 2022 report July 2022 data
June 2022 report June 2022 data
May 2022 report May 2022 data
April 2022 report April 2022 data
March 2022 report March 2022 data
February 2022 report February 2022 data
January 2022 report January 2022 data

Washington State Collision Summary Report

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