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Types of public records

The law requires state agencies to maintain an index of selected records. The following public records index is a broad list of the types of records we maintain. It isn't a complete list of all our records but provides an excellent overview of the records available.


  • Administrative Plans, Working Files, Reports and Survey Results
  • Business Plans
  • Complaints, Policy or Procedural
  • Employee Information File, Supervisor's Copy
  • Executive Calendars
  • Final Opinions and Orders
  • General Requests for Information
  • Minutes and Files of General Office Meetings
  • Minutes and Files of Policy-Setting Meetings
  • Newsletters and Bulletins, Internal and External
  • Official Correspondence
  • Papers of Executive Direction
  • Plans, Routine
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Project Files
  • Public Disclosure Act, Requests and Appeals
  • Records Related to Hearings
  • Reference Files
  • Reports, Annual, Biennial, and Ad Hoc
  • Rules and Regulations (Washington Administrative Code)
  • Speeches and Writings
  • Statistical Reports
  • Studies and Operational Plans
  • Subject Files
  • Subject Files, Executive Level

Director's Office Programs

  • Publications
  • Form related files
  • Printing related files
  • Audit files
  • Legislative Bill Files, Request Legislation, and related Correspondence
  • Affirmative Action Plans, Goals & Reports
  • Job Specifications
  • Training and Development Files (State Employees, Contractors, and Customers)
  • Union Labor Contracts

Finance and Administration Division

Budget Office

  • Budget Development, Allotment, and Expenditure Files

Accounting Services

  • Agency Financial Reporting System (AFRS) Reports
  • Cash Receipts Records
  • Disbursement Reporting System Reports
  • Financial Reports, Fiscal Year End, Agency Copy
  • Assorted other accounting records and files

Office Services

  • Facility Management Subject Files
  • Leases
  • Space Allocation Planning Files
  • Telecommunications Service and Order Requests


  • Purchasing Receiving, and Inventory Records

Mail Center

  • Mail Pickup and Delivery Records

Management Analysis and Records

  • General and Unique Records Retention Schedules
  • Record Disposition Notices, Agency
  • Administrative Plans, Working Files, Reports and Survey Results
  • Legal Issue Files (Tort Claims)
  • Policies and Procedures, General Office, Routine

For All Information Services

  • Data Processing Operating Procedures
  • Equipment Inventory Records
  • Network Records
  • Production Statistics
  • SCAN Account Detail Report
  • System Documentation
  • System Service Requests

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