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How to become a vehicle and boat licensing subagent

What is a subagent?

A subagent is a private business who enters into contract with a County Auditor, and is appointed by the Department of Licensing Director to perform vehicle and vessel title and licensing services.

How are new subagents selected?

  1. The county submits a request and statistical justification to us asking for the addition of a new subagent.
  2. If we approve the request, the county begins with an open-competitive advertisement for business proposals, followed by a screening and interview process.
  3. A team of county agents and existing subagents review all proposals and make a recommendation to us for a viable candidate.

How do I apply?

You may begin the process by contacting the County Auditor's office for the area where you want to do business. They'll be able to tell you if they're seeking an additional subagent.

Contact information

For a list of all vehicle licensing offices and their contact information, see the list of vehicle licensing offices. The first listing under each county is the County Auditor's office.

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