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How to register a camper

What is a camper?

In Washington, a camper is a recreational lodging unit with a floor that is designed to be mounted on a truck to provide facilities for human habitation with an overall length and height of 5 feet or more when fully extended.

Even if the owner has chosen to permanently attach the camper to the pickup, the 2 units must be titled and licensed separately.

Note: Before 1990, a camper welded to a truck was allowed to be registered as a motorhome. A truck and camper must now be titled and licensed separately, even if the camper has been welded to the pickup. Washington law no longer recognizes a permanently attached camper and pickup as a motorhome. If you have wish to title or register a truck and camper that have previously been titled as a single motorhome, you will need to apply for separate titles and registration documents on both vehicles. Both must be retitled at the same time unless one is destroyed, sold out of state or held in a dealer’s inventory.

How to title and license a camper

Follow the steps to Transfer ownership to apply for a title and registration.

Any camper attached to a vehicle registered in Washington must be licensed in Washington; the RV Disposal Fee applies.

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