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How to register: IRP (prorate)

The International Registration Plan (IRP) is the way to license commercial vehicles in more than 1 state or province. Learn more about IRP such as rules and regulations, jurisdictional information, manuals and full reciprocity by visiting IRP, Inc. This registration is managed in Washington State by the Department of Licensing, Prorate and Fuel Tax Services, Motor Carrier Services (MCS) unit.

Once registered in IRP, each vehicle will be provided 1 set of apportioned license plates (for front and back of vehicle) and an original cab card. Your IRP plates are not transferrable when you sell the registered vehicle and must be returned to our office immediately.

MCS collects the appropriate license fees for all states or provinces where the vehicle is licensed and distributes accordingly.

New reporting system

Prorate and Fuel Tax (PRFT) has an online system, TAP – PRFT Taxpayer Access Point. TAP allows the user to:

  • Manage IRP accounts and customer account profile information
  • Submit documents, make payments, and review account balances
  • Correspond to MCS staff
  • Add/delete vehicles
  • Set up new accounts/fleets
  • Increase/decrease gross vehicle weight (GVW)
  • Replace cab cards and plates
  • Complete renewals

Who can apply?

You can apply for an IRP registration if you operate:

  • Commercial vehicles over 26,000 pounds GVW in 2 or more jurisdictions.
  • Vehicles with 3 or more axles, regardless of weight.
  • A combination of vehicles whose total weight exceeds 26,000 pounds gross vehicle or registered GVW (doesn't include recreational vehicles, restricted farm plates, government owned vehicles, and school buses).
  • Vehicles that are titled in Washington State and operating in 2 or more jurisdictions.

Once registered, you'll receive an IRP cab card which will display all states and Canadian Provinces participating in the IRP and authorizes you to travel in these jurisdictions. You'll only be charged fees for jurisdictions you have actual travel.

Your original cab card must be in the vehicle at all times, faxed and photocopies are not valid. Please review the IRP Customer Manual or visit IRP, Inc. for more details and information.

How to apply

To set up a new IRP account, the following is required:

You may create a new IRP account on TAP, supply the document above by mail, or go to one of our offices. All documentation listed above is required to create a new account.

Your Motor Carrier ID Report (MCS-150) must be updated every 2 years and filed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. We don't update this form anymore.

Mailing documents to us

  • With payment:
    Department of Licensing
    Motor Carriers Services IRP
    PO Box 9048
    Olympia, WA 98507-9048
  • Without payment:
    Department of Licensing
    Motor Carriers Services IRP
    PO Box 9228
    Olympia, WA 98507-9228


We'll provide the fees (license and freight fees) when processing your application. When applying in TAP, you can receive immediate information about Washington and other jurisdictional fees. Go to IRP, Inc. or the IRP Customer Manual for related fees. The Celtic calculator, located at IRP, Inc., will also provide an estimate of fees.

My responsibilities after registering for IRP

Keep records of your mileage for each registered vehicle. For audit purposes, the records must be summarized monthly, quarterly, and annually by fleet and by jurisdiction and kept for 3 years after the close of that application registration year. For your convenience, there is an IFTA & IRP Individual Trip Report to assist with manually recording your vehicle trips.

Review the Recordkeeping Requirements for specific information about your records, audits, and responsibilities.

Once registered with an active account, your renewal notice is mailed out 90 days prior to your expiration and has instructions for completing the renewal.

Performance and Registration Information Systems Management — PRISM

PRISM is a cooperative federal/state safety program. It's designed to identify motor carriers and their ability to safely register their trucks.

PRISM links the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's safety information with the state's motor vehicle registration process.

For more information about PRISM, visit Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

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