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Disabled parking: Temporary

If you have a temporary condition that meets the disabled parking requirements, you can get 1 red placard for up to 12 months.

The placard should be kept with you to hang on the rearview mirror of any vehicle you're transported in.

Submit your application and prescription

Disabled Parking Application for Individuals (English, Español, Русский, and more)

Make sure your doctor, physician assistant, or licensed registered nurse practitioner completes and signs the "Healthcare provider" section and gives you an original, signed prescription to submit with your application (we cannot accept copies). The prescription must be on the healthcare practitioner’s letterhead or prescription paper.

Parents signing the application for a minor child must complete a Certificate of Fact stating that they are the parent.

  • Bring your documents to a vehicle licensing office.
  • or
  • Mail your documents:
    Application and Issuance
    Department of Licensing
    PO Box 9043
    Olympia, WA 98507

Getting your ID card and placard

Your placard will be sent as soon as your application is processed.

"Individual with Disabilities Parking Privilege" ID card will be mailed separately in 2–3 weeks. Keep it in your wallet or purse. You must provide it to law enforcement when requested.

When your placard expires

Your placard is valid for up to 1 year from the date it was noted by your physician. If you need it longer, you must apply for another temporary placard.

When your placard expires, you must return it to a vehicle licensing office for destruction or mail it to address above.

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