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Using disabled parking

Identification card

Keep the ID card with you. You must provide it to law enforcement when requested.

How to use the disabled parking decal

License plate showing location of disabled parking tab and decal.

If you request a disabled parking tab and placard, you'll also get a blue "Disabled Parking Privileges" decal. The use of this decal is optional. You may place this decal between the bolt holes on the bottom of the license plate for added visibility, as shown.

Who can use disabled parking

You are the only one authorized to use this privilege. It's illegal for anyone else to use.

Where to park using your placard, plate, decal or tab.

You can park:

  • On the street, for free, in any parking space that is time restricted (including metered parking). This doesn't apply to privately-owned parking lots or areas reserved for special types of vehicles (fire lanes, loading zones, etc.).
  • In any specially-designated disabled parking space. Van-accessible spaces are designed for use by wheelchair vans. Use them only if you drive a wheelchair van or no other disabled parking spaces are available.

You can't park in zones or areas:

  • Where stopping, parking, or standing of all vehicles is prohibited.
  • Reserved for special types of vehicles (fire lanes, loading zones, etc.).

How to change your address

To change your address for your disabled parking, you can:

  • Go to a vehicle licensing office and request to change the address on your disabled parking.
  • Contact the Special Plates Unit at 360.902.3780.

How to report abuse of disabled parking privileges

Contact your local police to report individuals who are abusing disabled parking privileges or parking in a disabled parking space illegally.

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