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Replace your vehicle tabs

If your tabs were lost, stolen, or damaged

You can replace them by submitting a Affidavit of Loss/Release of Interest form:

  • All registered owners must sign the form in front of a notary public or licensing agent at any vehicle licensing office.
  • Include check/money order payable to the Department of Licensing for:
    • $13.75 for passenger vehicle or trailer.
    • $13 for trucks.
  • Mail or bring the form and payment to any office.
  • The tabs will be mailed the next business day.

If your tabs were lost in the mail

If you didn't receive the vehicle tabs you purchased, contact a licensing office. We may be able to send a replacement, at no cost, if you meet these requirements:

  • We verify that we issued the tabs, but you haven't received them within 15-90 days.
  • We have your current mailing address.

Return the original tabs to any vehicle licensing office, if they're ever found.

Find a vehicle licensing office.

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