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Transfer plates to another vehicle

You can transfer your vehicle license plates to another vehicle if the new vehicle is:

  • Titled and registered in your name.
  • and
  • Registered in Washington State.

Verify your address

When you transfer your license plates to another vehicle, you must verify your residence street address or business address with us by:

How to transfer license plates to another vehicle

You may transfer your license plate to another vehicle:

  • In person at a vehicle licensing office. (Additional service fees may apply.)
  • or
  • By mailing all of the following to any vehicle licensing office:
    • A copy of the registration for the vehicle you want the plate transferred to.
    • A letter indicating that you want your plates transferred to the new vehicle. The letter should include your:
      • License plate number.
      • Current residence and mailing address.
    • A check or money order for the fee. Please contact a vehicle licensing office to determine the exact cost to transfer your plates, including all licensing fees.

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